Frequently asked questions

Q: How are you protecting your residents from Covid-19?

A: Our staff are trained in infection control and have recently updated and trained to identify the early symptoms of Covid-19. We have clear processes should a resident, or member of staff show symptoms which follow the current guidelines of isolation and only on confirmation that they have tested negative or recovered from the infection will they be allowed out of isolation or into the care home. While in isolation any resident will be cared for using established infection control practices.

Q: How can we communicate with our loved ones?
A: We encourage family and friends to keep in touch via telephone, hand written letters, email and video calls. Every home is fitted with free wifi and super-fast fibre throughout to enable you to keep in touch with your loved ones virtually, we also have cordless telephones which can be taken to a residents room for private conversations. When post is delivered we will ensure our residents receive their mail and will also print out emails to be read aloud if requested. If you do call, please try and avoid meal times.

Q: What about testing for staff?
A: Staff can now be tested on a weekly basis, giving even more protection to our residents. Additionally, residents are tested monthly.

Q: How will Nutrition be sustained are you experiencing problems with deliveries?
A: We have a ready supply of food including a supply of fresh food every 3rd day and are working with our suppliers to ensure that this continues. We also have a purpose built self-contained kitchen which can store a vast amount of stock.

Q: Staffing within the homes and availability?
A: Many of you have complimented us over our staff who are dedicated to the care of our residents. In addition to provide the care they continue to provide our residents with as much social interaction and entertainment as possible. We do use staff agencies to meet the needs of the residents including when our existing employees show any symptoms which raise concerns but we use the same agency and the same staff who are familiar with our residents whenever possible.

Q: How can we communicate with our loved ones?
A: We encourage family and friends to keep in touch via telephone, hand written letters, email and video calls. Every home has been fitted with wifi and has access to super-fast fibre to allow video calls in every part of the home. Cordless telephones can be taken to residents rooms for private conversations. Post is delivered infrequently but when it arrives we ensure our residents receive their mail. Emails can be printed out or read aloud.

Q: Do you have all the PPE necessary?
A: Yes, we have established a strong supply chain and have various contingences in place with a range of suppliers should these break down. Additionally we have vast amounts of storage on site which we have stock piled with PPE and other essential goods.




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