Corona Virus Information and Guidance

The safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff is our top priority, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic. We took the very difficult decision ahead of most care homes to stop all non-essential visits to our homes, which raised concerns at the time but in light of subsequent events was the correct decision. We continue to take additional measures as and when necessary to safeguard our residents.

We understand that this is difficult for families and friends and we will constantly review this in line with the Government guidelines. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding, with the knowledge that these measures are taken to protect our vulnerable residents. Our staff will always assist where possible with telephone calls, e-mails and letters to help our residents stay in touch with families and loved ones.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How are you protecting your residents from Covid-19?

A: Our staff are trained in infection control and have recently updated and trained to identify the early symptoms of Covid-19. We have clear processes should a resident, or member of staff show symptoms which follow the current guidelines of isolation and only on confirmation that they have tested negative or recovered from the infection will they be allowed out of isolation or into the care home. While in isolation any resident will be cared for using established infection control practices.


Q: How can we communicate with our loved ones?

A: We encourage family and friends to keep in touch via telephone, hand written letters, email and video call. Every home has cordless telephones which can be taken to a residents room. Post is delivered infrequently but when it arrives we ensure our residents receive their mail. Emails can be printed out or read aloud. Not all of our homes have wifi, due to the poor reliability and speed in the area. But we can try our best to facilitate this with personal devices. We can arrange a time and assist when needed. If you do call, please try and avoid meal times.


Q: What about testing for staff?

A: Testing is now becoming available in the social care industry. We have procedures in place to assist staff in being tested, in order for them to return to work in a safe and timely manner.


Q: Do you have all the PPE necessary?

A: You will be aware through the media that there are problems associated with the supply of PPE to care homes. Unfortunately, these problems continue. The management team identified the problem early on and placed orders and continue to press for the supply of the necessary equipment. We have all the PPE required in line with PHE guidance.


Q: How will Nutrition be sustained are you experiencing problems with deliveries?

A: We have a ready supply of food including a supply of fresh food every 3rd day and are working with our suppliers to ensure that this continues. We also have a purpose built self-contained kitchen which can store a vast amount of stock.


Q: Staffing within the homes and availability?

A: Many of you have complimented us over our staff who are dedicated to the care of our residents. In addition to provide the care they continue to provide our residents with as much social interaction and entertainment as possible. We do use staff agencies to meet the needs of the residents including when our existing employees show any symptoms which raise concerns but we use the same agency and the same staff who are familiar with our residents whenever possible.



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