Dementia Care

Nursing-dementia care is delivered by a team trained to care for clients with dementia. Our staff are sensitive and respectful, understanding the challenges faced by our clients and their families when dealing with advanced stages of dementia. We have created an environment that is soothing and non-restrictive, filled with familiar items that our clients can relate to and engage with.

We work closely with professionals specialising in this delivery of care incorporating a wide range of skills to enhance the wellbeing of each client in our care. We offer dementia care services for clients in Moundsley House, Kensington House and Kenilworth House. These nursing care Units are led by a Unit Manager supported by a team of qualified nurses and care workers.

Moundsley House is a forty five bed unit that caters for people with mild to moderate dementia, while Kenilworth House is a smaller 30 bed unit for people with more advanced dementia and some behaviour that challenges. Dementia care homes is a progressive deterioration of the mental faculties and affects memory, intellect, judgement, personality and emotional control. Moundsley Hall offers dementia care homes that can meet the changing and complex needs of people with dementia care uk.

Our staff all undergo training in dementia which is continuously updated. We will maintain the dignity of all residents in our care and put their best interests first. It is important to meet the challenges that can occur in people with dementia by using creativity, flexibility, patience, and compassion all of which our staff abide by.

Our aim is to always consider what need the person might be trying to meet with their behavior—and, when possible, try to accommodate them or use distraction techniques if appropriate.


CQC regulates Moundsley Hall Limited to provide care at

Moundsley Hall Care Village, Kings Norton