Dementia Care

Dementia is a term, which is used to define a variety of progressive conditions disturbing the brain. There are many types of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. Some people may suffer from a combination of types of dementia.

Here at Moundsley Hall Care Village , we provide care homes for dementia patients. Dementia is actually associated with memory loss/ or decline in memory loss/ or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce someone’s ability to do everyday activities.

A study estimates that at present, there are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. This is projected to rise to over 1 million by 2025 , with one person receiving a diagnosis every three minutes. 1 in every 14 of the people aged 65 or above, is living with dementia.

At Moundsley Hall Care Village, we aim to constantly meet and fulfill the expectations of our residents, visiting professionals, resident’s families, and our regulators. In order to achieve this, we have a clear and consistent approach to delivering modern dementia care services, and through care homes for dementia patients in birmingham.

Dementia Care Homes Birmingham

Moundsley House is a 60 bed unit that caters for people with mild to moderate dementia, while Kenilworth House is a smaller 30 bed unit for people with more advanced dementia and some behaviour that challenges. Dementia is a progressive deterioration of the mental faculties and affects memory, intellect, judgement, personality and emotional control. Moundsley Hall offers specialist dementia care homes that can meet the changing and complex needs of people with elderly dementia care UK.

Our staff all undergo training for dementia carers, which is continuously updated. We will maintain the dignity of all residents in our care homes in Birmingham and put their best interests first. It is important to meet the challenges that can occur in people with dementia by using creativity, flexibility, patience, and compassion, all of which our staff have. Our aim is to always consider what needs the person might be trying to meet with their behavior—and, when possible, try to accommodate them or use distraction techniques if appropriate.

Nursing homes for dementia patients are available across three of our Homes in the village; Moundsley House, Kensington House, and Kenilworth House. We recognise that dementia is a complex disorder and affects each individual differently; due to this, each of the three care homes for dementia is able to offer a varied environment that holistically benefits each resident, based on their needs. 

Moundsley House and Kensington House are able to support clients with mild to moderate dementia, whilst Kenilworth House is a researched and designed environment for those in the advanced stage of their diagnosis. Dementia is a distressing condition, both for our clients and their loved ones. Due to this, we ensure the care provision offered within these homes is underpinned with the ideals of dignity and respect, above all else.

Nursing-dementia care is delivered by a team trained to care for clients with dementia. Our staff is sensitive and respectful, understanding the challenges faced by our clients and their families when dealing with advanced stages of dementia. We have created an environment that is soothing and non-restrictive, filled with familiar items that our clients can relate to and engage with. We work closely with professionals specialising in this delivery of care incorporating a wide range of skills to enhance the wellbeing of each client in our care.
We offer dementia care services for clients in Moundsley House, Kensington House and Kenilworth House. These nursing care homes Units are led by a Unit Manager supported by a team of qualified nurses and care workers.

Dementia Care Services

Clients with dementia care needs can expect to receive a specialist and responsive package of care. Many individuals with dementia are unable to express their needs and preferences; with this in mind, our conscientious and caring staff team aims to provide support with all aspects of the individual’s day, based on the needs and prior preferences our residents may have had.
Dignity is paramount for those with dementia and we recognise that this is a priority for both our clients and their loved ones. Each home is designed with this in mind, and staff works with this ideal in mind when supporting clients with their day to day care needs.

The nursing team, led by the Home Manager, ensures a thorough and detailed care plan is created; outlining the preferences, risk management plans, and advanced decision planning for each resident. We encourage our residents and loved ones to be intrinsic in the planning and development of this process – recognizing the importance of choice and person-centred care.

In addition to our clinical team, clients are supported by an overseeing GP who visits weekly, who is available for advice and assessment for residents, their loved ones, and our staff team. Home environments that cater for our service users with dementia include engaging and appealing elements that have been researched and proven as effective for those individuals. This includes immersive areas designed around a 1950s lounge, a children’s nursery and a purpose-designed sensory room. Safety features including key-coded door systems and sensor-furnishings bolster the care provision available to service users, as well as providing as much independence as possible.

We support all of our residents to receive the same services within the Home, with adaptive support as necessary. Inclusive meal time experiences and a variety of daily activities are provided; with a focus on encouraging meaningful activities and sensory engagement, for those who are further along in their journey with dementia.

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