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Are you looking to progress your Nursing home job with an established Care village? Are you looking for a Nursing job in Birmingham?

We support the professional development of our Nursing team ensuring all relevant training is provided online or with the assistance of outside sources. We welcome training suggestions from our Nursing team should they have a specific training course they would like to complete. We encourage our Nurses to gain new skills and keep up to date.

Nursing home jobs provide the satisfaction of building a relationship with our residents that is simply impossible, within a hospital setting. We have 5 homes across our Care Village. This provides the opportunity for our Nursing team to experience the varying types of Nursing needs within each home.

Our extensive career opportunities mean that many of our nurses take full advantage of our training scheme so they can progress within our company.

One of the biggest advantages to working for Moundsley Hall is the continued satisfaction our Care Village setting offers, this allows you to build special relationships with each of your residents that you simply cannot achieve whilst working in hospital surroundings. What also adds to Moundsley Hall’s unique atmosphere is the ability to experience our different homes & really get to grips with varying nursing care .
  • If you’re just beginning your nursing home jobs as a newly qualified RN or if you already have a wealth of experience behind you, we can offer continued, relevant support to integrate you into the Moundsley Hall family.
  • If you believe you have the attributes key to making one of our care homes in Birmingham a continued success,  any further queries,  contact HR on 0121 433 3000 (option 1)


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