Residential Care

Residential care for people aged 65 and above . Residential care homes for the elderly provide support with the everyday activities of living for example

  • Bathing
  • Medication Supervision
  • Dressing
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Mobility

Especially the activities which can no longer be managed at home. Most of the residents also choose to live with us because they do not want to live alone. Elderly care homes for this group of residents is simply amazing. This is all about peace of mind, and without any doubt, our care homes are able to provide a place where residents are able to explore new interests and make friends.

Residential Care Homes Birmingham

Moundsley Hall Care Village has two residential care homes on-site, Blenheim House and Kensington House . Blenheim House is a fifteen-bed home offering residential care home for the elderly, who have no dementia. Within Kensington House, our ground floor suites offer services for residents with mild to moderate dementia that require residential care homes. Each home has its own bespoke design, with bedrooms having been decorated to exceptionally high standards. Each room has an en-suite wet room, ample living space, and amenities including television access points. In our highly comfortable care homes , residents and their loved ones are encouraged to personalise bedrooms to individual tastes and to create an environment that is as person-centred as desired.

Residential Care homes are based on a relaxed and subtle approach to promoting independence, with the reassurance that each individual has a large team behind them for support. Our aim is to empower our clients and celebrate their individuality and diversity, whilst maintaining a safe, comfortable and caring environment. We offer a varied programme of activities which enhances the lives of our residents.
Qualified staff are on duty twenty-four hours a day to provide full support to our residents which includes assistance with getting up, washing and dressing in the mornings, assistance with meals and the dispensing of medication. All laundry is done on site and staff assist in keeping wardrobes and rooms tidy and will liaise with families for any requirements that each resident may have, for example, if toiletries are running low.

In our residential dementia care home , staff are trained in dementia and can offer appropriate support to all residents in this respect. We have visiting professionals such as hairdressers, chiropodists, etc. We are also able to arrange visits to dentists and opticians. Residents are able to take advantage of the various trips and elderly care home activities that take place throughout the month. A newsletter is printed once a quarter which provides details of what is taking place across the site. Residents are able to visit other Homes in the village if there is something that they wish to take part in. Regular meetings are also held where residents can have their say on anything that they have an interest in. Suggestions can also be made for menu choices, trips out, etc. Our residents are also encouraged to make use of the tranquil grounds we have on our Village. During the summer months, we provide plenty of seating and shade to enable residents to spend valuable time outside, without the risk of sun exposure.

Residential Care Services

At Residential Care homes in the UK, we promote an open visitor’s policy across seven days a week; encouraging all families and friends to be as involved as they wish to be. We provide the premium residential care services opportunity for prospective residents and their loved ones to visit and spend time within the Home prior to admission; providing an opportunity to meet some of our friendly staff, other service users and to experience the daily goings-on. As part of ensuring we fully understand the needs of an individual, we undertake a full assessment prior to admission; this ensures that we know exactly how someone would like to be supported, what their priorities are and how we can maximise their experience living within the home.

Apart from that, at our residential care homes, we offer a tailored activities programme that is designed to appeal to a range of tastes and personal interests. We ensure that activities are varied on a weekly and monthly basis - guaranteeing that opportunities are available for all residents. Daily activities include exercise and wellbeing classes, reminiscence programmes and cooking workshops. We pride ourselves on maintaining strong links with the local community and regularly host visits from singers, theatre groups, schools and therapy animals. Regularly scheduled excursions to local areas of interest are available to residents. As residential care homes in Birmingham, residents can benefit from a range of exciting opportunities, including visits to zoological gardens, cultural hotspots such as Stratford-upon-Avon and relaxing settings including parkland expanses.

Additional service provisions such as chiropody, hairdressing and outreach healthcare services (including dentistry and opticians) are available, where desired. Moreover, we are happy to facilitate ongoing relationships for those residents who wish to have their existing provider continue this service whilst residing within the home environment. Residents enjoy a bistro-style dining experience in both Blenheim House and Kensington House, served in an open plan concept dining room setting. Residents are offered a range of meal options on a day to day basis, as well as having access to a selection of snacks and drinks. All our meals are prepared on-site in our purpose-built preparatory kitchen and are then served fresh for residents. We are conscious of the varying needs of those who use our service and are able to make provision for any dietary or cultural needs that residents may have.

At Moundsley Hall , our care home ensures that each and every person receives a healthy, tasty & balanced diet. We always pay attention to their requirements so that everyone can enjoy their food. We recognise that safety is a top priority for our residents and their loved ones. As such, we operate CCTV recording across our site, as well as key coded entry to each home (with regularly changed entry codes), to ensure a safe and secure living space. Additionally, individual risk assessments are completed for residents where the need arises– further bolstering our person-centred approach to how we care and support our residents.

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