Visiting Guidance

Care home residents in England will be allowed two nominated visitors from 12 April, in line with Government Guidance as we continue the easing of lockdown. Children under the age of 2 will also be allowed to visit.


They will be able to meet indoors and hold hands - but visitors must wear PPE and be tested beforehand. Guidelines state the following:


  • This must be the same two nominated people in accordance with guidelines.
  • Visitors must arrive 45 minutes before their visit to have an LFD Test - this will take 30 minutes to develop so we will ask you to return to your car and wait for the result.  We can arrange to register your test if you are not able to do so.  The visit will only proceed with a negative result.
  • Visits will last 20 minutes in order to accommodate as many people as possible.
  • All visits must be booked and confirmed with the Unit Manager person in charge.
  • You will be asked to wear full PPE (supplied by us) - this will include mask, apron and gloves.
  • You will be escorted to the area where your loved one will be waiting for you.
  • Please stay in the visiting area – do not walk around the Home.
  • When your visit is over someone will escort you to the exit where you will remove your PPE and sanitise your hands.
  • If there is an outbreak within the unit all visits will be stopped.


There may be some changes to the testing procedure in the next few weeks. Once we have received the new guidance on this, we will update our website.



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