Younger Adult Care

Moundsley Hall Care Village offers a number of adult care services, for a variety of age ranges. Prospective clients can expect to receive a personalised plan of care whilst residing in any of our homes, which takes into account the age, associated characteristics and personal preferences. All of our adult care homes offer care and support for both older adults, as well as younger adults. We recognise that it can be particularly daunting for younger adults entering a care environment and we work tirelessly to make the transition as comfortable and supportive as possible.

A priority for many of our younger adult clientele is an increased focus on social activities. With this in mind, we ensure that a range of meaningful activities and entertainment is provided on-site, that are tailored to the needs and choices of the individual. We also encourage clients to access the local community via our regularly scheduled trips, as well as maintaining any existing social connections; facilitating this relationship with the support of families and loved ones, where clients wish to continue doing so.

We provide a holistic service for younger adults with both nursing care and residential care needs. We develop specialist care packages that cater for the very different needs of a younger client group from 18 years of age. We work with each individual client to enable them to achieve their highest potential and maintain their independence. We offer full care packages for those clients whose needs are complex and long-term.


CQC regulates Moundsley Hall Limited to provide care at

Moundsley Hall Care Village, Kings Norton